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For property managers and landlords who wish to hire Loeffler Law Group PLLC to evict a tenant.

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Our knowledgeable attorneys will focus on establishing a landlord’s right to possession of the property quickly and efficiently.


Avoid housing complaints and litigation.  We review, update and draft leases and related documents to reflect recent changes to Washington landlord-tenant laws.


Our firm focuses on residential and commercial landlord-tenant law.  We have extensive courtroom experience with real estate, leasing and contract issues.


Experience matters.  We have helped thousands of clients resolve difficult legal disputes without having to go to court.


Our lawyers will prepare a defense against a housing complaint and work with you every step of the way to navigate you through the steps of dealing with and avoiding future complaints.

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Knowledge of the law and the possible issues is the best way to avoid problems.  We provide legal updates and on-site training for landlords, property managers and staff.


The Loeffler Law Group is a real estate law firm in Seattle with over 20 years of experience in landlord-tenant relations and litigation. Our firm's practice emphasizes landlord-tenant law and has assisted thousands of landlords, property managers and owners in Seattle and the surrounding counties to resolve difficult legal disputes involving evictions, litigation, post-foreclosure matters, leases and other landlord-tenant disputes.


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For more information, please see our Practice Area pages or our Attorney pages. We represent commercial and residential property managers, landlords, and owners throughout Western Washington. Our office is conveniently located in north Seattle. 

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2611 NE 113th Street, Suite 300, Seattle, WA  98125
Tel:  206-443-8678  |  Fax: 206-443-4545