The legal forms on this site are provided for your use free of charge to help resolve landlord-tenant disputes. The use of these forms does not in any way create an attorney-client relationship between the user and anyone associated with the Loeffler Law Group PLLC.

Notice for landlords:  

Effective July 28, 2019, Washington residential property managers and landlords may no longer use three-day notices to pay rent or vacate. Use the new 14 day notice instead. 


Notices, for property managers and landlords to give to tenants:


Properly filling out and delivering notices is critical in the event a case proceeds to trial. We highly recommend that you consult a landlord-tenant lawyer prior to using these or any other legal form.


Other forms:



Unlawful Detainer Sheet: Intake Form (For landlords who wish to hire the Loeffler
Law Group PLLC to evict a tenant.)


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